Mar 26

Design*Sponge Sneak Peek!

I had been thinking about approaching Design*Sponge to do a house tour for at least the last 3 years. I always hesitated because I thought my place was too stylistically schizophrenic—each room with a different style. I don’t consider myself a designer with a “signature style,” probably because I create sets, so I just do what is right for the show. As a result, I enjoy experimenting with different styles in my home.

Two weeks ago Amy from Design*Sponge approached me about doing an interview/article about my career as a set designer and I happily obliged. I’m a huge fan of their blog so I was also totally excited (and a little surprised) when they suggested doing a full tour of my humble abode! It’s funny because they wound up titling the post “A home where each room has its own personality,” which is VERY fitting.

I photographed the master bedroom for the first time about a week ago just for this house tour, so in the next  couple days I’m going to do a big blog post on the evolution of the master complete with really scary “before” pics. For now, you can see a few pics of each room here.

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