Jen Chu Design is a collective of designers, art directors, and fabricators. We make dynamic, fun, highly customized sets and props for TV and film.

Jen Chu is a production designer/art director and a lifelong design enthusiast. She was raised in a family of do-it-yourself problem solvers and developed a passion for transforming spaces at a young age. After earning a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of California, Irvine, she combined her love for art and spacial design and began designing sets.

Jen is known for her attention to detail, expertise in space planning, and vast knowledge of the techniques and processes that are used to create custom scenery and props. She and her team produce dynamic, bold, soulful, spaces for clients nationwide.

She is currently based in Los Angeles and NYC. When she is not designing sets, she is taking photos, making dumplings, and renovating homes.