Jan 21

A Pretty Apartment 14 Years in the Making.

NH_moodboardpin it!I’ve never been particularly academic ­— much to my parents’ chagrin. I’ve received awards for perfect attendance at school, but even though I was physically present each and every day, I was usually chatting, doodling, or passing notes in class. Sorry mom and dad. I knew better. I just had the attention span of a fly…except when it came to art class where I unapologetically kicked ass.

I sat behind Natasha in my high school physics class. We would get to class a few minutes early and share flaming hot Cheetos and gossip. We probably laughed too loudly and talked a lot about eyeliner and hairstyles. I’ve always been pretty good at manipulating materials — hair being one of them. Every time there was a school formal, I would do elaborate up-dos for 10 girls in a row and make $350 in a night. I seriously thought I was rich.

In high school Natasha was dating some guy who would take her out on semi-fancy dates (for a 17 year old) and we got into this routine where every Friday I would do her hair before date night. That was our “thing”.

01pin it!We didn’t hang out that much outside of school, so when I shipped off to university in Irvine and she to San Francisco, we lost touch. She was busy attending sorority soirees and developing a taste for designer shoes and Michael Buble. Meanwhile, I was busy being an art freak, designing flyers for hip hop parties, and developing a taste for fine interiors but not for Michael Buble.

Fast forward a half decade — I get an email from her saying that she’s quitting her corporate job and moving to NYC! We reconnected and surprisingly, I have not braided her hair a single time.

02pin it!However, Natasha eventually started her own PR business and I helped her design her website and business cards.

03pin it!

I decorated her office.

  03.5pin it!

I Designed her engagement party invites. But somehow I have never decorated her apartment…until now.

04pin it!

05pin it! Plainly stated: girlfriend needs help. The apartment has great bones — it’s a charming 1 bedroom right off Central Park with a storage loft and beautiful brick walls, but everything else needs some serious love. I feel the need to save this apartment. It’s just like saving animals…except not at all. But still.

Here’s the deal: Natasha is getting married this fall so she’s on a super super tight budget. I’m totally down for budget decorating but this one is going to be tricky because she really needs to purge a bunch of her old stuff to make room for new things that will make her home more functional.  The green couch cover HAS to go. We need way more concealed storage. I need to display her momentos in a way that doesn’t make them look like clutter.

This is the plan: everything black, grey, white, pink, or gold. They already have some quirky accessories I can work with so I’m going to keep it fun and light and bright (to combat that dark brick).  I’m going to donate my services to the cause as an early wedding present and it’s going to be super cute. This is all going down in the next couple weeks and there’s going to be gold leafing involved. Stay tuned!

IMG_7886pin it!PS, if you’re wondering “Why is this lady obsessed with cats?” it’s because her cat, thoughtfully named Kitty, is TOOOO cute.

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  1. Natasha says:

    I AM OBSESSED with you and this project. I cant wait. I am lucky to know you and have you in my life, and WEDDING!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    And you’re OBSESSED with cats. =^..^=

  3. rose says:

    KITTY!! super adorable – as always, jen, i’m so looking forward to the results :) btw, that kitty plate (lower right) on your mood board is amazing. may i ask the source?

  4. Jen says:

    Rose, it’s actually a fortune cookie dish and it’s from Cost Plus World Market! It’s on sale for like $7 and it comes with 2. Perfect for your 2 kitties!

  5. Carolyne says:

    I adore both of you, Jen and Natasha!
    Can’t wait to see the results!

    Seriously, when I need inspiration — both of you come to mind as strong, fierce, go-getter women (that I am thankful I personally know) that are doing 1) what they love for a living 2) in a city they want to live in 3) and excelling at life. period.

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