Dec 24

Decorating My Apartment for the Holidays.

Sometime in October I was approached by Brooklyn Exposed magazine to contribute to a feature about small space holiday decorating. It had been a while since I did anything arts and crafts-y, so I jumped at the chance. I usually don’t decorate my apartment for the holidays because I travel to California to see my family, so I took this as an opportunity to host a pretend holiday dinner party at my house. It was the middle of October and no one was selling fresh evergreens, so I had to get clever and use unconventional materials.

I had seen lots of DIY Christmas Trees on Pinterest and decided to make my own mini-tree out of wood shims from Home Depot. I took a long wooden dowel and screwed it to a base,  then drilled holes in 50 shims of decreasing length and stacked them on the dowel. I decorated my “tree” with leftover crystals from my chandelier, metal washers, and small glittery balls that I just glued on.

I customized some $1 gold chargers by adding an art deco motif with different shapes of silver duct tape. Instead of using evergreens for a wreath, I bought a bushel of eucalyptus from the farmers market and tied the branches together with wire. I cut the word JOY out of cork sheets.

My new favorite trick is using wrapping paper as a table runner. There are SO many awesome wrapping papers nowadays and it’s a really affordable way to transform your table for only $5.

The December issue of Brooklyn Exposed is on news stands now! I’ll post scans of the spread soon.

Happy holidays friends! Wishing health and happiness for you all. XO

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  1. Denise says:

    You are so creative…this is brilliant!

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