Nov 29

Project Runway 9.

Project Runway 9 marks my 5th season working on the show.  Every year it feels kind of like going to TV summer camp…I get to reunite with old pals and meet some new folks. It’s a lot of work, a little play, and each season creates an opportunity to give the same ol’ spaces a new and unique look.  The season has already aired and I hope some of y’all had a chance to tune in. Big high five to Katherine D., Scott, Luis, Andrea, Keith, and Katherine L. for yet another successful year for the Art Department.

pin it!Our beloved painters Vincent & Janel have been working on this show even longer than I have. They’re so awesome. If you live in the NYC area and need fast and friendly painters with mad skills, give Blue Swan Painters a jingle.

pin it!Andrea reenacting a classic Project Runway meltdown.

pin it!pin it!Katherine, reenacting what cockroaches look like when they get their hands on your oatmeal. Actually, I don’t think cockroaches have hands.

pin it!pin it!Keith kicks ass at all things involving contact paper.

pin it!Probably trying to decide where to eat lunch. Hawaiian Tropic Zone, Whopper Bar, or Hard Rock Cafe? So many options…

pin it!pin it!Avalanche of comforters.

pin it!As you can see from the shelves in my room, I truly believe that furniture tacks make everything better.

pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!Stole the genius idea of putting a huge knob on a plain dresser from my designer friend, Rick Gonzalez.

pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!I did not take this photo or any of the pics with a watermark.

pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!pin it!Click to see blog posts from Season 8, Season 7, Season 6, and Season 5.

Oh also! Project Runway All Stars premiers on January 5th 2012. New year, new season, new set! Stay tuned for pics.

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  1. chi shi says:

    love love!!! =)

  2. katherine says:

    salmon bisque was an excellent choice. i’ll stand by that color til death! love these!

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