Nov 19

Hello New Website & Blog.

Some people like to change their hair. Some people like to change their clothes. I have looked pretty much the same for 10 years, but my website is constantly in a style crisis. Since I’m an interior designer/graphic designer/photographer, I always get self conscious that my site is too designy or not designy enough. “Is the font too distracting? Are my portfolio photos big enough? I think I need color. No, wait. I hate color.”

Maintaining photo archives, updating websites, and writing blog posts is like a part time job. It’s a fantastic way to keep a journal of my life, but as with all things, I’m always thinking about how to make it better. As you can see I just re-designed for the 4th time. Each iteration winds up being more minimal than the last, and I’m ok with that. I’ve embedded my blog into my portfolio site so now I only have 3 websites instead of 4! I updated my set design portfolio with a few new projects that I have not featured before. My old blog, still exists, but I’m going to shut it down soon. I transferred everything to this blog, so the content is the same. Anyway, WELCOME!  Subscribe. Stay a while.

pin it!

pin it!

pin it!Pics taken in Beacon, NY. Big huge thanks to Lowell for helping me get this beast up and running. I owe you a burrito, man.

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