May 30

Breakfast Club/Andrea’s Birthday.

Last year I started a Supper Club where every 2 weeks my closest friends and I get together for potluck style festivities. This time was Andrea’s turn to host and she decided instead of supper, she’d like to make breakfast, her favorite meal of the day. We stuck to a classic menu with pancakes, omelets, potatoes, biscuits, and bacon. And one GIANT fruit salad.

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For some reason I always feel like Supper Club is the perfect time to squeeze in some bad graphic design.

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I hadn’t done any arts and crafts since my Valentine’s Day party. I forget how much i love to cut paper.

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I like my fruit salads like my friends; colorful, diverse, and sweet. :)

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I’m glad my hat from Halloween got to see some action. I love it but rarely have an occasion to take it out.

pin it!Pancake whisperer.

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Andrea made most of it. Breakfast is her thing.

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I freakin’ love these kids <3

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  1. mallit18 says: nice! I was thinking of doing the same thing..someday soon. Once I get my apartment together, that is.

  2. Pretty sweet stuff ;) – we love you too! *Glee

  3. chi s says:

    beautiful as always!!

  4. Neelima says:

    Did you all mean to match the scene? Looks like only one person missed the memo in this jcrew ad. It’s beautiful…makes me want breakfast with orange juice and lavender blooms.

  5. nat says:

    i love breakfast!!

  6. Crystal Kim says:

    Wait, so did you guys have breakfast for dinner? Or breakfast for breakfast? xoxo love love love it

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