Oct 14

Supper Club Numero Uno.

To celebrate the completion of Queen Frida and my psychedelically colorful bathroom, I decided to make the theme of the first Supper Club party “Unibrowed Mexicans Take Brooklyn.” I had 10 people over on 10-10-10 (Happy Birthday Brian!) for a taco bar extravaganza.

I made taquitos, chicken, fish and 3 kinds of salsa + trimmings for the taco bar. Friends brought chips, guacamole, mole, churros, corn, Coronas, rice pudding, ice cream, and…mustaches!

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pin it!I went all out. I made paper flowers and cut paper flags and place mats.

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This was the perfect occasion to put my extensive hot sauce collection to use. I have about 15 kinds of hot sauce.

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I made corn/bean salsa, tomato/pepper salsa, and mango/tomato/avocado salsa

pin it!Paola kindly provided the mustaches which easily doubled as unibrows.

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  1. mallit18 says:

    Aweee…how cool! I can’t wait to I move to a nicer more cooler apartment so i can have cool parties like these.

  2. Natasha Huang says:

    I cant wait to host

  3. good brite food beter than bread and pull it mikedez

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