Sep 1

Chi’s Extreme Room Makeover.

My friend, Chi, grew up in this room. She moved out for college, and when she came back, the room seemed to need a facelift more than ever. The dingy paint with the poor lighting made the room unbearably drab. The lack of storage made it impossible to maintain a tidy space.  Fortunately, her room had great bones with plenty of wall space and nice hardwood floors. After a couple weeks of careful planning and with a little help from Chi, and I re-vamped this room in 2 days.

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I completely re-oriented her furniture. We made way for a larger bed, moved the desk out of view from the doorway, and brought in plenty of storage.

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Designing for Chi was a breeze because we have really similar taste. We’re partial to cool, soothing colors, timeless furniture pieces, and a bit of glamour.

pin it!We painted every surface in her room, from the walls, to the ceiling, to the doors and moulding. The paint alone made it look and feel like a completely different room.

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She works at a hospital and prefers to have different areas to keep clothes for work so I got her this HUGE “Hemnes” wardrobe from IKEA.

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I think every bedroom needs a chandelier. They’re not only fancy, but they give off a ton of light. I hooked this one up to a dimmer.

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I made this headboard and upholstered it with a beautiful gray curtain panel.

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Ultra organized home offices are a passion of mine.

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That’s my Mom’s best friend!

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Chi’s cat, cleverly named Kitty. :)

Posted by Jen at 7:29 pm


  1. shisays says:

    too bad my sister didn’t have her old super blue carpet still there :) it would have made for an even bigger and more amazing transformation. haha. yay for cockatoos being an inspiration :)

  2. natasha says:

    beautiful! sigh…i need an office makeover once i get money…

  3. Fabulous job!! Love the new monochrome and gray look. She’s fortunate to have a friend like you! :)

  4. Adam S says:

    the room looks amazing jen…as soon as i am rich and have my penthouse apartment, you will do the entire thing.

  5. amazing jen! it looks way fab. i dig the colors a lot. excellent makeover!

  6. Carmen Gong says:

    i saw this on Chi’s FB and I must say i’m very impressed! Great job! :)

    Chi’s room and my room are quite similar =X haha my sister usually have to step in and help my bermuda triangle out =)

  7. christine noel says:

    very beautiful transformation!

  8. annie. says:

    you are so good, jen!!

    come back to taiwan
    and help me with my new apartment!!!!

  9. Andrew says:

    that is a gorgeous makeover. I really like the wardrobe. What model is it? i wonder if the korea ikea has it… i’ve been kind of frustrated at my options for wardrobes. I agree that every bedroom… if not room… should have a chandelier or special lighting piece

  10. Jen Chu says:

    @andrew, the wardrobe is called “hemnes”from IKEA. This is the link for the US store.

  11. OUTSTANDING work Jen! I should have you work your magic in my office but there’s just WAY too much stuff!

  12. Rick says:

    You are so freaking talented! I wanna grow up to be just like CHU!!!


  13. NYC says:

    HOLY CRAP! It’s like she moved into a totally different house! Awesomeness, Jen!

  14. Kath says:


    So impressed by your work, Jen! Also love the aluminum MBP – goes well with the decor :-)

  15. Anonymous says:

    What color and brand of paint did you use? It’s very calming!

  16. Anonymous says:

    ditto on the paint color!

  17. JEN CHU says:

    the color is Benjamin Moore #1472 Silver Chain

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get the grey/white striped cover and shams! I love them!

  19. I see the book of eric kandel on the ikea rack :) nice choice :p

  20. Melanie says:

    amazing makeover – I like what you did

  21. eurieka says:

    The transformation is incredible! Would you mind sharing the dimensions of the space and the source for the mirrored nightstand?

  22. by Sutton says:

    wow, what an overhaul! i love what you did with the space!! im in the middle of re-doing our apartment… oh man, its a lot of work!

  23. Hayden says:

    Where is that comforter from?

  24. This looks amazing. Where is the desk from? I have that same wardrobe and am looking for a desk that will look good with it.

  25. Jen Chu says:

    @eurieka, the nightstand is from Target
    @Hayden, the comforter is from
    @Amber, the desk is the “Manhattan Desk” from Target.

  26. Anonymous says:

    what about those amazing curtains!??! Where are they from?

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